How to care for a toy?

We recommend the manual washing of the toys and their clothes in warm soapy water.

Rinse thoroughly from powder

or soap, squeeze out all

the water and allow to dry during the day

Return policy


We want you to be happy with your new forest friend! 
If for some reason you did not like the toy, please write us within 7-10 days of receipt. You can send an order back for a replacement or return payment. 
Write to us on the mail or through the form on the site


What is inside?

We love our planet, so we use recycled materials to make the toys. 

Inside our toys is a high-quality hypoallergenic material hollow fiber.
It does not lose its form
, and can also withstand cleaning

in warm water


Our toys don't contain small, sharp or hard elements, which can be dangerous to the health of the child.
The eyes of the toys are made of hardened liquid rubber, which is then covered with a protective compound.

The eyes are firmly entangled with the cloth and in order to tear them away, you need to exert force.

But if you buy a toy for a small child, you can make a note with a request to replace the eyes with embroidered